Tegula bracken from Tobermore.

We wanted to create as little maintenance as possible for this lady.  We paved most of the garden leaving flower beds for planting.

This is a nice little patio we did in Sandyford, we paved most of the Garden for low maintenance, we have flowerbeds on both sides, and one flowerbed in the lower middle, we used Tobermore`s Tegula heather with golden setts and an 80mm block curb, we put in a new step and two reset manhole covers. we added quality topsoil and planted the plants that were in pots in the Garden and top dressed with quality mulch.

A big thanks to the Lady of the house, for everything especially some of the Design.

We put flowerbeds up both sides. The lady asked could we put some bends up on each side. So we did and it turned out great. Thanks to the lady`s input this job turned out really good.  The lady wanted a flower bed outside the conservatory so she could look at plants not only paving. We used all the existing plants and covered the flower beds with fine bark mulch. We fitted two recessed manhole covers and a step.


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April 26, 2018

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