Limestone steps

A nice big chunky set of Limestone sets




Travertine paving

Used as a paving in Italy, Greece, and Turkey since ancient times, travertine boasts its own unmistakable character. Travertine ‘Natural’ Paving is a high-quality natural stone, honed and tumbled to produce the attractive smooth surface and varied texture of fissures so typical of this type of stone.




These hand chipped granite setts provide an extremely hard and durable surface capable of taking applications where potentially heavy traffic may go. Granite Sets are ideally suited for driveways and hard standings if laid on a suitably adequate sub-base. When they are laid over smaller areas the elements create the illusion of space in any landscaped area.


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has many uses and our grass is unparalleled in its appearance and quality. It is low maintenance, so no more watering or mowing. It is Child and pet-friendly, UV resistant and Green all year round. Available in Emerald and Natural Grass.


Decorative Gravel

Roadstone’s selection of traditional Irish Decorative Gravel and a selection from Europe are ideal for any driveway, footpath or flower bed. With a vast array of colors and sizes in our Decorative Gravel range, any footpath, driveway or flower bed can be turned into that peaceful haven. Used in conjunction with CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets as an ideal option for your driveway.


Indian Sandstone

sandstone paving is traditionally quarried and offer a wide range of colors. Unlike the man-made concrete alternatives, each piece of stone has its own characteristics and adds a beautiful finish and patina to your garden or home.


Camel Dust Indian Sandstone

A camel dust Indian sandstone patio

Camel Dust Sandstone is actually a Quartzitic Sandstone. It is Ideal for low budget patios and pathways as a building material. Indian Sandstone Camel Dust is very popular among Indian Sandstone

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